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Only barrels are used in the production of sauerkraut. The whole production process is performed with the use of machines made of stainless steel. Therefore, no toxic metals may permeate into the processed food. 

Sauerkraut in buckets


Sauerkraut in plastic bags


Sauerkraut produced by the Żochowscy Holding contains only salt. It contains no food colouring or preservatives and it is packed on the date of order. We offer sauerkraut packed into 1 kg, 3 kg, and 5 kg containers or 1 kg bags.


Welcome to the website of the only distributor of pickled vegetables produced by the Rolne Gospodarstwo Owocowo-Warzywne A.i K. Żochowscy of Drozdowo (Agricultural Holding) which is situated in the area of the Green Lungs of Poland…

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