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Vegetable producer

The production process in the A. and K. Żochowscy holding begins at the level of seed. Cabbage and cucumbers are planted in the naturally fertilised soil and nurtured throughout the whole growth period and then gathered. 






Cucumbers are pickled on the day of harvest. Cabbage, on the other hand, is stored and gradually pickled a couple of times a week through the whole sales period until Easter.

We encourage you to familiarise with the traditional means of vegetable pickling: sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers which our grandmothers have made and which are produced by the Żochowscy’s Holding – the producer of sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers.


Welcome to the website of the only distributor of pickled vegetables produced by the Rolne Gospodarstwo Owocowo-Warzywne A.i K. Żochowscy of Drozdowo (Agricultural Holding) which is situated in the area of the Green Lungs of Poland…

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